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Kira O’Reilly: What if this was the only world she knew?

Tickets: Free / maksuton / gratis
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Suggested donations 5-10€
Duration: 3 h, audience can arrive and leave the space freely
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28 September, 2019 17:30

An installation, a performance, you can arrive and leave during any points of the three hours duration.

As day moves to dusk and night falls, a series of explorations will be made in the new old time space that is Mad House. 

The materials try to speak themselves, the walls, windows, wind, light, breath, floor, flesh
Everything is exactly what it is
Everything is exactly something else
It is an entire world. A prefixal world

Dramaturgical conversations with Fiona Wright

Kira O’Reilly is an Irish visual artist currently based in Helsinki. Her practice, both wilfully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined, stems from a visual art background; it employs performance, installation, photography, biotechnical practices, writing and anything that comes to hand with which to consider speculative reconfigurations around The Body. She writes, teaches, mentors and collaborates with humans of various types and technologies and non-humans of numerous divergences.

Photo: Sohan Ariel Hayes

The work is supported by TAIKE artist grant