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MAZING CITIES – performative city tours

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Location : Kauppakeskus Citycenter View on map

Free of charge.
Language: easy English
A maximum of 4 participants per tour.
Binding registration via telephone: Heidi 044-9542272

How does the digital world of the internet influence your perception of the city?

Young people – 1500 km away from Helsinki – lead you on an adventurous tour through the Finnish capital!

The international team of teens led by theatre director Ingo Toben developed performative city tours of Helsinki and Düsseldorf.

With Mazing Cities, the audience experiences a guided city tour full of surprises. The tours in Helsinki are led by German teens, that have never physically but virtually got to know the city. On these tours, the participants are directed through the streets of Helsinki to experience stories, created by the  guides themselves, that mix reality with fiction, the sounds of the city and live-music.

The tours start in the first floor of the mall Citycenter (Kaivonkatu 8) where the participants are handed a tablet-PC. Via Internet they are led by the Düsseldorf teens. In a specifically equipped studio in Citycenter, youngsters of the Helsinki team simultaneously offer tours through Düsseldorf. Everybody is welcome to come and watch them tell their stories and make music.

The young people of Mazing Cities have different backgrounds: part of them has always been living in the same European city, but some had to make their way through Europe in search of safety and have only just started to get to know their new home.

Ingo Toben has been working as an independent theater director since 2001. Toben and his artistic team first began collaborating with students from Düsseldorf in the development of performance formats that combine film, installation and live music in 2007. His works have since been invited to the Theatertreffen der Jugend (Berliner Festspiele 2008 and 2011), the YoungStar-Fest at Kampnagel (Hamburg 2009 and 2011), as well as to the Favoriten Festival 2010 in Dortmund.


Directed by: Ingo Toben. Musical Director: Christoph Grothaus. Dramaturgy and Text: Anke Platon. Spatial Installation: Joachim Brodin. Communication Design and Documentation: Kamila Kurczewski. Media Consultation: goetz. Production Management: Steffen Moor, Annika Niskanen. Assistants: Hannah Giese, Steffen Moor, Riikka Niemistö, Andreas Niegl. Production: Ingo Toben.

Coproduction: FFT Düsseldorf, Madhouse Helsinki. Funded by: NRW Ministry for Families, Children, Young People, Culture and Sports, Cultural Department of the City of Düsseldorf, Goethe-Institut Finnland, Arts Council of Uusimaa.

In cooperation with: CityCenter Helsinki, Vacancy Management of the KiQ – Kooperation im Quartier Düsseldorf-Rath, Ingakoti, Finnish Red Cross


The tours are free of charge and partially with different contents. Duration: ca. 1 h. A maximum of 4 participants per tour. Binding registration via telephone: Heidi 044-9542272


Sa 22.10.2016 (Premiere)
Di 25.10.2016
Mi 26.10. 2016
Fr 28.10. 2016
Sa 29.10. 2016

18.00 - Tour 1
19.00 - Tour 2
19.00 - Tour 3
19.30 - Tour 4
20.00 - Tour 5 (same as Tour 1)
21.00 - Tour 6 (same as Tour 2)
21.00 - Tour 7 (same as Tour 3)
21.30 - Tour 8 (same as Tour 4)