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Mad House goes Sideways

Tickets: 65.00€
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For the timetables and other more detailed infos, please go to: sidewayshelsinki.fi
09 June, 2017 16:00

Urban culture festival Sideways is taking place in June 9th - 10th in the Teurastamo area, next to Suvilahti in Helsinki. Mad House has had the honour to curate a small live art programme for the festival. The following performances have been seen in Mad House programme during the past years and will no be adapted into festival mode. Performances will be performed on festival Friday (June 9).

For the timetables and other more detailed infos, please go to: sidewayshelsinki.fi

Gnab Collective: Hamlet private
Without stage machinery purely by the actor’s own strength Hamlet private creates the play’s world directly in the imagination of the spectator. One performer takes one spectator at a time to ponder Hamlet’s big questions.

The performance is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and his inability to act. Hamlet’s fundamental questions are also our questions. His hesitation is also our hesitation. In order to bring Hamlet closer to us, the performance leaves the traditional theatre context and meets its audience in a much more intimate way: the performance is done by one performer for one spectator at a time around a table in a bar.
Performed in English, French, Finnish or German

Minna Kaisa Kallinen: Life is not a story: A Rescue from the absurd

“Daily I wake up around ten. I make some coffee and hang in the internet. Sometimes I see my friends. Sometimes I feel depressed. Sometimes I feel like jogging. Sometimes I feel like laughing. Life is absurd. Stories and dreams are logical. Every thing has its place.”

The character goes through a change.
Performed in English.

Mikko Niemistö & Johannes Vartola: Birthday Scraps
Sound and movement performance, based on Mikko Niemeläs solo Birthday.