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European Theatre Collective: Drivers

Tickets: 12/18€
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

The starting location at Kamppi bus terminal, platform 48. The first part is performed in a bus and the second one at Mad House Helsinki.
Duration: aprox. 2h
Language: English-Finnish
Note! 18.12 performance is sold out
European Theatre Collective: Kuskit ENSI-ILTA: 03 December, 2019 18:00
04 December, 2019 18:00
05 December, 2019 18:00
08 December, 2019 16:00
16 December, 2019 18:00
17 December, 2019 18:00
18 December, 2019 18:00
19 December, 2019 18:00
20 December, 2019 18:00
21 December, 2019 16:00

NOTE! The performance starts at Kamppi, bus terminal, platform 48!

You are standing by a bus stop, checking if your mobile ticket is valid. For some reason you think of Kharon, who carries the deceased souls to Hades. In a way, every bus trip takes us closer to our death, even if we might believe that we are heading to home or work. The bus arrives. Behind the wheel you see someone else than the familiar face from the SDP parliamentary election campaign. For a moment you consider if you have the same direction as the driver, who comes from somewhere else. Soon you forget to worry and you just hope that there are available seats in the bus. You don´t notice that you have stepped into the driver’s domain.

Drivers discusses the experiences and the societal positions of immigrants in Finland through documentary theatre and fictional storytelling. The piece searches for possibilities to normalize the lived experiences of culturally marginalized people in Finland. It focuses on work and professional identity, which are considered important in Finnish society. Drivers is the second part of the "Invisible Finland" trilogy produced by the European Theater Collective, who seeks to foster the role of immigrants in Finnish culture and the art scene.

Working group: Romulus Chiciuc, Agnes Kaszas, Luyeye Konssi, Salla Kozma, Soroush Seyedi, Arash Irandoust and David Kozma
Production: European Theatre Collective & Mad House Helsinki
Photo: David Kozma