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Hurraa!-seminar: How to do performing arts for children, young people and other radicals?

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Part of Hurraa! festival's program
25 March, 2017 10:00

Why children’s theatre and theatre are separate?

Who is allowed to do performances for children?

Does it need special skills?

Hurraa!-festival, Mad House in Helsinki, Suomi Assitej association and Ung Dramatic organize together a two-part seminar which uses the Think Thank format developed in Mad House, which principles are equality of discussion between all participants regardless of their merits.

The seminar is aimed in particular for professionals in the field of performing arts for children and young people (in the audience or as a maker).


Ma 20.3. Annantalo Arts Centre, Annankatu 30, Helsinki (world day of theatre for children)

The seminar is in English.

9.30-11.00 DEGASTEN Seminar: Lecture
Introduction to the DEGASTEN working method with video examples from the theaters performances by Anouk Saleming and Elike Roovers  "We work interdisciplinary with writing, performing, discussing and dancing. Theatre should be about you, the other person and the world we live in. We see the workshop as an experiment, that's the way we work."

11.00 Into Parrakas vauva performance

12.00-13.00 Lunch break

13.00-16.00 DEGASTEN Seminar: Discussion and experiments.
Why do we make a distinction between theatre for young audiences and theatre?
How do we make relevant performances for young people today?

DEGASTEN is an Amsterdam based youth theatre group. DEGASTEN creates raw interdisciplinary montage theatre with youngsters (12-25 years). Diversity is something that runs into the company's veins. The story, the players and the disciplines are diverse. Because DEGASTEN thinks that every one has a story to tell. Every season 70 youngsters are being accepted during the audition day in September. These youngsters are divided into 4 different groups that have weekly theatre trainings: two training groups, one production group and one performance group. With each group, DEGASTEN develops customized performances, productions and presentations. http://www.theaterdegasten.nl/en/

La 25.3. Eskus - Performance Center & Mad House Helsinki

The seminar is in Finnish.

10.00-12.00: Dance Theatre Auraco: presentation and workshop of Tuntu project (performance intended for visually impaired children)

12.00 Lunch (Mad House will offer soup)

12.30-14.30 Seminar (moderated by Martina Marti)

15.00-15.45 Leena Kelas performance Alphabets of Performance Art at Mad House (http://madhousehelsinki.fi/events/leena-kela-alphabets-of-performance)

16.00-16.45 Discussion

17.00-18.00 Sonja Jokiniemis performance Oh No at Mad House (http://madhousehelsinki.fi/events/sonja-jokiniemi-oh-no)

18:15-19.00 Discussion


Seminar will be held at Eskus Performance Center (Puhdistamo, building number 6 at Suvilahti area in Helsinki) but performances are part of Mad Houses Helsinkis 4th season which happens in Tiivistämö (building number 5 in Suvilahti). Its recommended to purchase tickets for Alphabets of Performance Art and Oh No performances well beforehand the seminar.

link for registration: https://goo.gl/forms/5O6VcSrRa2wiRrTG3