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Neodada webbikuva
Tickets 30.00€ / 10.00€
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One day ticket 10-17,50 €
Festival pass 30-37,50 €

Saturday 23 April 2016 18:00

Neodada Festival Saturday Programme

Fanfare by Sidner Olin
"De kaspiska tigrarnas Gud" with soprano Kajsa Dalhbäck and baryton Jaakko Kortekangas and the Chorus Sanctae Ceciliae. Conductor Dag-Ulrik Almqvist and composer Kimmo Hakola.
Dirk Huelstrunk: Kurt Schwitter's Ursonate and dada poetry (GER)
Berlin Sound Poets Quoi Tête (GER)
Jörn Burmester (GER)
Sergei Pukst (BLR)
Malin Kivelä
Heikki Saure
DADAlitics: David Kozma, László Süle
Annika Sandelin
Cris af Enehielm & co Nonsense poetry event
DJ Agitator

Cabaret Voltaire turns 100 years old. We celebrate it with a Dadafestival! This is a hommage to Finland's most Dadaist writer, Stella Parland (1974-2015). The festival is arranged by Oblivia and Mad House.

The Neodada festival or the Conference of redefining everything begins on Friday 22nd April at 7 p.m. with Petri Arvo’s flute concert. The programme continues on the next day, on Saturday 23rd April starting at 6 p.m. and continuing into the night. The second day kicks off with the choir De kaspiska tigrarnas Gud (with Kajsa Dahlbäck and Jaakko Kortekangas), performing a libretto written by Stella Parland, composed by Kimmo Hakola.

The festival continues on Sunday 24th April with brunch and various programme. Linda Bondestam and Mi Duncher create a grandiose visual world in Tiivistämö and Harriet Abrahamsson has worked out the idea of the Sanatorium.

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