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My Name is Monstera

Tickets: 12/18€
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Language: My Name is Monstera is performed in Finnish. An English translation, and a visual description in Braille is provided upon request. Please contact liput@madhousehelsinki.fi
Duration: c. 1 hour
23 October, 2019 18:00
24 October, 2019 18:00

My Name is Monstera , assembled by Essi Kausalainen, is a performance for wind quintet, two primates, textile, and text in a mid-sized room. In the piece we’ll meet with a mutating organism, open a dialogue with Carl von Linné’s ghost, bathe in sound, and rename ourselves.

Carl von Linné is a Swedish naturalist, who in the 1700s created the basis for modern taxonomy, and whose passion to order still haunts our way of living with and as nature. Monstera is a tropical climbing plant that grows on top of other plants, adapting their shapes. Like all vegetal beings, its body is thoroughly sensitive to light, operating like the human eye - although in a far more detailed manner - observing its visual surroundings.

Working group:
Performers: Medina Omeragic & Masi Tiitta
Narrator, Clarinet: Julia Rima
Oboe: Sara Hakaste
Flute: Matti Laine
Bass: Heljä-Maaria Rantala
French horn:  Mari Tirkkonen
Concept & Directing: Essi Kausalainen

Photo: M. Kuorinki