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Jamie MacDonald: CUCK

Tickets: 18 / 12 / 10€
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Language | kieli | språk: English
24 November, 2021 19:00
27 November, 2021 19:00


Most jokes are like sausage; if you have to explain how it's made, everyone loses enjoyment and leaves the room, but I like to take apart the processes behind laughter and lay them bare.

Cuck is a new stand-up work exploring mockery and liberation, cucks and kings, the woke and the broke, and why we continue to torture ourselves with social media. While invisible actors profit, we provide our anxieties, humiliation, and pain to them for free, and compete for fifteen milliseconds of fame in the hottest take.

Jamie MacDonald is a Helsinki based artist working mostly in the field of stand-up comedy and performing arts.

Picture: Alan Proosa