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Hibernation: a sleepy party

Tickets: Free / maksuton / gratis
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

free entry – pay what you can
You may enter and exit the space when ever you want
02 November, 2019 14:00

"Where are the quiet gays supposed to go? The pressure on my people to express our identity and pride through a metaphor of a party is… intense."  - Hannah Gadsby

We want to create a different kind of space for queer people, whose only chances to meet each other are therapy groups or loud drag shows. Hibernation is a slow & gentle alternative to most queer parties. A space for the introverts, the dreamers, the awkward ones, the ones who don’t like to dance, the ones who do but prefer their music soft & quiet, the sleepy ones who still want to spend time with their friends. A hideaway from the darkness and loneliness of November, a cozy burrow with pillows, mattresses, ceiling projections, quiet DJ sets, and installation art.

Hibernation is a chance to be lazy, tired, quiet, boring, melancholic, silent, curious, contemplative, alone… together.

Working group:
Zuz Buchowska, Miranda Kastemaa, Mira Eskelinen