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Sarah van Lamsweerde (BE): 80 Words

Ticket also includes admission to: Alma Söderberg (SE): Nadita
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Tickets: 15 / 10 / 8 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Language: in English
Duration: 45 min
24 March, 2018 19:00
25 March, 2018 15:00

80 Words is a project about what happens to a language when there are only 80 words to speak it.

Are words still a reliable currency, now that “freedom of speech” suffers from heavy inflation? What happens to the imagination when communication is reduced to the minimum? Can (self)censorship be a good thing? Will scarcity reactivate us?

It’s a time of clipping; it is a time of skipping; it is a time of cutting.

Imagine being in a room that looks like an undeveloped photograph - a dark lab, where your senses are heavily deprived. An isolated researcher guides you through a slide show. You are introduced to her singular subject, A. Words and gestures are stripped to the bone; your imagination is gently encouraged to combine phantom phrases with after-images, leaving you no choice but to make highly subjective conclusions.

Sarah van Lamsweerde (Brussels-Amsterdam) works across visual arts and theater, exploring the range between (unfamiliar) languages and mass-media phenomena.
Her work has been coproduced and presented by international art houses close and far, from Amsterdam (NL) to Yekaterinburg (RU). To enable projects in limbo, she has founded the Tre Tigri foundation with a group of fellow “undisciplined” artists. Besides her own work, she contributes to practices and platforms such as Performing Objects (ErfS, Brussels), IM Company (Paris) and BAU Dance & Performance (Amsterdam).

Concept and development: Sarah van Lamsweerde
Performance: Esther Mugambi
Performative research partner: Andrew Fremont-Smith
Dramaturgical assistance: Zhana Ivanova
Scenography and projection set-up: Marloeke van der Vlugt
Graphic design booklet and slides: Céline Wouters