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Viimeinen vuoro (Last Carriage) - a performance for sences

Tapahtumakuva 1
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Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Kesto/Duration/Längd: c. 1h
01 February, 2018 18:00
02 February, 2018 18:00

Events in the performance Last Turn are located on the subway. In the show, the last carriage of the night hits the tracks with the spectators. However, the carriage stops in the middle of the dark metro tunnels and there is no hope for a quick exit.

There are two types of seats in the performance:
Basic seat: You get the horrors of the show, but your personal space is secured.
HC seat: You get the horrors of the show more powerful, because you might get touched.
The seat is chosen at the door when you enter the venue. Viewers are not hurt during the presentation and their property is not damaged. It is not recommended for hypersensitive or for persons under 15 years old.

The presentation is not suitable for people with fragrance intolerances.

Working group: Nina Rinkinen,  Aarne Linden, Venla Vannel, Otso Helos
Production: Teatteri Tuike